Wild Rivers Quilt Guild Recognizes National Quilting Day On Mar. 18th

The third Saturday in March is recognized as the National Quilting Day and is celebrated across America by special quilting shows, classes, open quilt museums and much more to celebrate the day.  It also recognizes quilt makers for the long hours, love and skill that goes into the making of each quilt. The National Quilting Association started National Quilting Day in 1991 at Lincoln, Nebraska, but also has earlier claims in Ohio and Kentucky.  Since then, it has grown into a global celebration for all quilt lovers and makers. There are an estimated 21+ million quilters in America.  Quilting is currently about a 4.2-billion-dollar industry that grows every year.

A “quilt” is made up of a top layer, a layer of padding/batting in the middle and a backing fabric that is all somehow stitched together, be it with yarn tying, hand sewing, stationary machine or moveable machines. Quilts may date back to as early as 3400 BCE.  For much of its history, quilting was primarily a practical technique to provide physical protection and insulation. However, decorative elements were often also present and are considered valuable art pieces. A quilt by Michigan’s Ann Loveless was awarded $250,000 grand prize two years in a row at the Grand Prize Art Show in Grand Rapids, Mich.  With modern technology, most quilting is now done on a sewing machine and the quilting is done on a large frame machine called a longarm, so named for the 18 – 36” arm between the sewing area and the motor. There are hundreds of tools and gadgets, etc. designed to make quilt making easy for the modern quilter. 

The Wild Rivers Quilt Guild is a group of quilters who wish to learn about, preserve, and encourage the art of quilt making; promote a gathering of like-minded folks in a fun and relaxed environment; provide education and instruction for guild members and visitors in the history, design, and techniques of quilt making.  The group holds regular monthly meetings on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm, meeting at Bethlehem Lutheran Church at 900 Central Avenue, Florence, WI.  Each month, the group has a presentation by speakers that instruct in a wide variety of quilting techniques, methods, and skills. Oftentimes, workshops are held at another time in conjunction with the Speakers’ presentations for hands-on learning of the methods the Presenter talks about. The Wild Rivers Quilt Guild hosts a monthly Open Sew where members and guests can work on projects of their own choice, get help from others, and socialize with quilting friends. Guests are always welcome to attend meetings, open sews, and workshops. A Quilt Show Extravaganza is being planned this year for Sept. 29/30, which will be held at Pine Mountain Ski and Golf Resort from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. If interested in learning more about quilting, improve quilting skills, or just have a nice evening out with a beautiful group of women, please feel free to attend one of their meetings.  Meeting and contact information is available at the Guild’s website, www.wildriversquiltguild.org


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