Wausuakee/Amberg Blood Drive is Monday, June 12th

The Wausaukee/Amberg Red Cross Blood will be on Monday, June 12th from 12:30-5:30 pm at the Amberg Community Center, N15035 Grant St., Amberg.

Due to the COVID-19 Virus blood drives have been cancelled all over. There is a great need for blood more than ever.  There is no mask requirement, but if you want to wear a mask you may.  Please consider donating, call Barb at 715-927-5213 for an appointment. We are trying to keep social distancing so, appointments are important. Most past donors will be called, but if they don’t get a call, they can call too.

They also will have red bloods cells drawn, called a double. If persons meet the criteria they may give. To do this call and make an appointment as this type of donating will stop about one hour before the end of the drive, about 4:30 pm. This will count as 2 units or pints.

Before donating eat a good diet and get plenty of water.  This will keep iron count up, so persons are able to donate. Low iron is the main reason people are unable to donate.  Eating broccoli, raisins, nuts and other high iron foods helps, also. Get plenty of rest and stay safe.

Healthy donors may give every 56 days or 8 weeks. Persons must be at least 17 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds.  Students 16 years old may give blood with a form signed by their parents.  Every unit of blood can be used for 3 or more patients. If taking any medication persons may give blood, they just need to be checked if they are ok. Diabetics may also give if they are under control. Rules have changed over the years and now many more are able to give.

All donations help towards 2023 senior scholarships.

Silver Cliff blood drive will be Monday, July 10th from noon-5 pm at the Cornerstone Church in Athlestane. Call Barb 715-927-5213. This starts the 2023-2024 Scholarship goal for 2024 Wausaukee Seniors.


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