Two Marinette Police Officers Receive Life Saving Awards

After approval of February Council and Committee meetings at the Tuesday, March 7 Marinette Common Council minutes a lifesaving award was presented to two Police Officers, Max Neumann and Justin Fischer for an incident on Friday, Jan. 6, 2023.

Police Chief Jon LaCombe announced that  "On the evening of Friday, Jan. 6, Neumann and Fischer were on duty when a call came in as a reported disturbance which was believed to be a suicidal attempt. A 26 year old male had cut his wrist and upon arrival the officers secured the knife that was used and immediately rendered first aid by applying direct pressure on the wound, using a make shift tourniquet that was used by the family prior to their arrival. The officers took control of the situation and brought order to a situation which otherwise was a chaotic scene. Both officers remained poised and provided a much needed calming effect to the family members who were truly upset by the condition of their loved one. After paramedics arrived, the officers continued their efforts to bring the bleeding under control. They applied a new tourniquet and brought the bleeding under control and the subject was then immediately transferred to the hospital for further treatment. Officer Fischer and Neumann displayed an exceptional level of composure, courage, dedication and an unwavering desire to protect a life. They were both commended for their quick and decisive action which helped save a mans life that day. The city expects a lot from us and have high demand from us and they definitely met that demand that night representing the Community, the Police Department and saved someones life. Part of our job is to protect and serve and sometimes we have to protect people from themselves, which is what you did that night".  The officers were both presented with a lifesaving award and a pin to wear on their uniform to represent their actions of that evening.

Mayor Steve Genisot then referenced a letter from the Governors office Department of Oral Health Supervisor Robin Kaiser to recognize the Water Department on behalf of the Oral Health Unit and congratulated Warren Howard and the Department for their commitment and benefit for the fluorination of the water. The CDC recognized the Department as one of the 10 great public achievements of the 20th century. The City of Marinette fluorinates our water and the awards were given by the state. There were four awards just recently received, one for each year of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Genisot presented the awards to Howard and the Department and congratulated them on their fluoridation efforts in receiving these awards.

Alex Mamonov, Jr. was present at the City of Marinette Common Council meeting on Tuesday, March 7 to give the Marinette High School (MHS) monthly school event report. The MHS Marine Athletics finished the sports of Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball and Wrestling. Girls Basketball had 16 wins this season which is the most in over 25 years, and Boys Basketball finished their season with their regional game in Seymour last week. The wrestling team also concluded their season with senior Kaylee McFadden placing 3rd in the state. Additionally, on Sunday, March 5, the MHS Bowling team won 1st place in the state in Wausau. Spring sports may begin as early as this week with track, and the Winter Sports Awards Ceremony took place on Monday, March 6. MHS Student Senate spent the last month working very hard on their annual Senior Citizens Day where senior citizens from the whole community were invited for a day of fun with performances from the band and the forensics public speaking team. They were also given the opportunity to listen to updates from the Superintendent, Principal and a couple of students. The Senior Citizens played many fun rounds of bingo for various prizes! Attendance was lower this year due to being on standby since 2019, but all senior citizens are encouraged to attend next year.

The Robotics team traveled to Duluth, Mn. for a national competition that they qualified for, and it took place the weekend of March 4. Also, the Forensics Public Speaking Club recently had its sub-district meet at the High School with the entire team qualifying for district competition, being held on Saturday, March 11 at MHS. The Hi-Q Academic Team recently had their home match at MHS, placing 2nd during that match. They are currently in 5th place for cumulative points for the season, qualifying them for the semi-finals. They will be competing Wednesday, March 8 for a spot in the top three teams. If they receive a place in the top 3, they will compete in the finals.

In other updates and events, the Administration Team has been working hard to improve attendance by rewarding and incentivizing positive attendance through various special events and prizes for students with perfect attendance. MHS also completed mandatory state testing today for Juniors who are taking the ACT and Seniors who are taking the civics exam. Lastly, spring break will begin this week, and the term will commence at the end of this month.

In an effort to eliminate confusion, Mayor Genisot stated, “Apparently there is some confusion following discussion at the City of Marinette Common Council meeting of March 7, 2023 as to who the parties were that were sued in recent lawsuits involving environmental contamination. The City of Marinette has not been sued as a party in these lawsuits, but three contractors of the City have been sued, including Robert E. Lee & Associates Inc., Ayres Associates Inc. and Sevenson Environmental Services Inc. In regards to dredging of the Menekaunee Harbor, claiming PFAS contamination by negligence. The City is not being sued by the Boyles, but this potentially could impact the city in other ways as the lawsuit goes forward”.  

Genisot gave an update on the  Doug Oitzinger lawsuit stating that the current amount for attorney fees that has been paid by their insurance company and the suit is at $79,455 before depositions. This amount does not include the City Attorney fees. The insurance company raised the amount from $120,000 to $200,000.

A new business is coming to Marinette, Los Tres Magueyes Mexican Restaurant, which will be located at 2025 Marinette Avenue in the former Anytime Fitness Building. The restaurant  is anticipated to open in May of 2023. They have five other locations including Pulaski, Oconto and three in Green Bay.




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