Town of Wausaukee Adopts $945,017 Budget for 2023

During a brief series of meetings starting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 15, Wausaukee Town Board held its annual budget hearing and subsequently adopted the 2023 Budget that provides for income and expenditures totaling $945,017.
The budget is supported by Property Tax income of $618,053 and state aids and other revenues totaling $326,964. The budget provides $77,238 for General Government; $323,713 for Safety, Sanitation and Culture, and $544,066 for Highway Expense.
Without dissent the board approved a motion allocating $45,000 to Wausaukee Rescue Squad to help pay off the loan on the current Rescue Squad vehicle.
Wolf Lake residents had been assured in October that  October that a meeting would be set up with GFL, the town’s contracted garbage hauler, and at the November meeting,   Steve Coron from GFL was on hand to discuss the dumpster at Wolf Lake. No Wolf Lake residents were present. The town board agreed there would not be a dumpster placed at Wolf Lake. Coron told the board that they are working on getting 300 gallon carts for some areas where a dumpster is currently located or is needed. These carts will be picked up at the same time as the 75 gallon carts provided for most households. This would be a cost savings for both GFL and the town. Hitches for carts can be found at Garbage Commander Website. Use code GFL20 for savings.
Town officials present for the meeting were town Chair Jeff Engelmann; Supervisors Vicky Mueller, Brandon Taylor, Matthew Jicha, and Dennis Taylor; Treasurer Hope Wesolowski, and Clerk Cheryl Stumbris. Others present were Bob Wesolowski, Coron and James Pociask.
The board reviewed a Wisconsin Towns Association Survey, and approved the financial report and all vouchers as presented.
Without dissent, the board accepted the Image Cast Election Hardware Maintenance Agreement.
The series of meetings was adjourned at 7:10 p.m.


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