Town of Wagner looks to exceed levy limit

After discussing ways to stretch their projected 2024 incomer to cover all anticipated expenses, the Wagner Town Board at its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 13 agreed unanimously to ask electors to allow them to set a tax rate that exceeds the state’s allowable levy limit by 8.465%.

By state law, property taxes can only increase by the value of new construction unless approved by voters at a referendum, or in towns with populations of 3,000 or less, by electors at a special town meeting.

Wagner’s adjusted 2023 levy was $343,631, and without voter approval, the allowable increase could not be more than 0.488 percent, which comes to $1,667.

If electors approve as recommended by the town board the total town property tax levy for 2024 will be $374,521, just $29,229 more than the $345,292 that will be allowed if electors do not approve.

The special town meeting is to be held at the Town Hall at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 28.

If the town residents who attend the meeting approve of the suggested levy rate, an additional $29,229 will be available for the town’s 2024 budget.

Clerk Margo Renikow said if approved, $9,086 of the additional money will be used for General Government Expenses, $14,136 for fire and rescue safety, and $6,007 for increases in costs associated with recycling and solid waste disposal.

Present for the Sept. 13 Town Board meeting were Supervisors Ed Delfosse and Mark Jasper, Town Chair Mary Ann Kowalski, Clerk Renikow, Treasurer Leigh Olsen and 11 members of the public.

Jasper reported work on Cottage Lane is proceeding on schedule. He also said he had contacted Harding Portable and was able to change the schedule to save the town $15 a month.

Jasper had also spoken with Road King in regards to the road maintenance contract for three years at a rate of $120 per hour per truck and had negotiated the price down to $115 per hour per truck, which will save the town about $1,050 per year.

Delfosse reported he had attended the Wausaukee Rescue Squad meeting. They are keeping the same budget as last year and still owe $118,000 on a squad response vehicle.

Olsen reported balances of $8,739 in checking and $611,119.67 in the money market account.

Action at the meeting included transfer of $100,000 from checking to money market.

Mike Caylor reported the fire department had one call. They will be doing post testing and other state testing in October and November.

Plans are underway for a Trunk and Treat Halloween even to be held at the town hall.

Animal control officer Gerard Micksch reported he had 2 calls, one for a lost dog and one for a dog with no tags.
The board approved signing of a recycling agreement with Porterfield.

In regard to cleaning of the town hall, Renikow stated that a volunteer option may work to have this done. However, Delfosse made a motion to pay a cleaning person $14 per hour and Jasper second the motion. Renikow asked the attendees if they know someone that is interested and asked anyone who is interested to contact her at

The board considered making an insurance claim for repair of damage to the the windshield of the town truck, and then decided against it. Renikow told the board that the deductible is $250 and the cost to repair is $426.67.
She said the insurance agent recommended to not make a claim on the small amount as it would affect premium in the future.

Kowalski moved to repair the truck without a claim and Delfosse seconded.

The board agreed to sign an agreement with Marinette County for collecting the town’s 2023-2024 property taxes.
During time for public input Mike Caylor told the board that the shoulders on Caylor Road are low in spots after the wedging was completed.

A representative of Wojowoski farms stated that Konell Road needs some gravel and more grading during the year.
Future agenda items include placing a Portable bathroom at the lake Mary Boat Launch and adding gravel to Konell Road.

The board then approved vouchers or payment and had some preliminary budget discussion before adjourning at 7:17 p.m. The next regular monthly board meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

The Wagner Fire Department meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 27.   



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