Town Of Stephenson Chair To Negotiate Contract Rescue Squad

Following a closed session discussion at its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 9, Stephenson Town Board authorized Town Chair Mike Kudick to negotiate a contract for 2023 with Crivitz Rescue Squad and then bring it back to the full board for approval.
A large increase in the Crivitz Rescue Squad’s contract price for providing emergency medical services has been a concern for several months for both the Town of Stephenson and the Village of Crivitz.
In other action at the meeting, the board approved hiring Josh Lindt as a Water Safety Patrol employee;
Present for the meeting in addition to Kudick were supervisors Richard Belanger, Jeff Franzmeier, Andrew Rogers and and Jim Stradal; Treasurer Mary Jane Kempka, Attorney Kim Coggins, and Clerk Elaine Olson and 15 others.
Department reports were given for the Fire Department by Chief Jim Stradal, Canine by Mike Stueck, Building Inspector by Jane Meissner, Public Works and Recycling by Superintendent of Public Works Craig Baeten, and Clerk Olson, Code Enforcer by Diahann Graham, and Supervisor Rogers for Water Patrol.
Discussion on a contract for recycling and garbage was tabled to next month’s meeting.
Clerk Olson thanked all the election workers for their dedication and hard work at the elections on Tuesday, Nov. 8.  Chief Election Inspectors Nick Vento and Jennifer Olson  said everything had gone well at both polling places.
Clerk Olson stated she had received information from the Assessor about a revaluation, and communications from the Towns Association Advocacy Council, and from Robert Lee Association about landfill sampling.
Treasurer Kempka’s financial report was approved as presented.
During time for public comment Darrel Pentico asked why the town’s $2,000 PA system was not being used.
The town’s annual budget hearing and special electors meeting started at 7:15 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 7, with Chairman Kudick, Supervisors, Belanger, Franzmeier, Rogers, and Stradal, Treasurer Kempka, and Clerk Olson present, along with Gail Freitag, Nick Vento, Craig Baeten, and Pete McCabe.
Proposed budget sheets and the proposed budget summary sheets were available for everyone’s viewing, and Kudick invited questions.  
Pete McCabe asked if the Board had considered doing a referendum again for roads.  Supervisor Rogers said that it was being considered with different language that would be more understandable to the public. He said if they did a referendum there would need to be more effort to educate the public on what the referendum actually contained.
Other questions asked pertained to the increase in Rescue and Water Safety Patrol costs.  After all questions and concerns were answered the hearing was closed, and the special town meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m.
A motion was made by Nick Vento to adopt the 2022 Town tax levy, of $907,244 to be paid in 2023. Craig Baeten offered a second.  A vote showed 11 persons in favor and none opposed.
Then came approval of 2023 Highway expenditures as listed, which was approved with 11 in favor and no one opposed.
Also approved without dissent was a motion to authorize hiring of Town Officers as employees and setting an hourly wage for their services, on a motion by Nick Vento and second by Gail Freitag.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:47 p.m., and was followed promptly by a special Town Board meeting at which a motion to adopt the budget for 2023, as presented to and approved by the electors, with a levy of $907,244, was approved unanimously by the Town Board. That final meeting of the evening was adjourned at 7:49 p.m.


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