TimesLand teams square off at Oconto Falls Invite

Josh Staloch

OCONTO FALLS – Five TimesLand track and field teams were competing at the Oconto Falls Invite held on Thursday, Apr. 25 in a crowded field of North Eastern, M&O and Packerland Conference squads.

With 11 teams on the girls’ side of the card, host team Oconto Falls took the top spot with 185 points, Lena/STAA was 3rd with 91.5, Marinette 5th at 55.5, Coleman 7th with 35, Laona/Wabeno in 10th with 16.33 and Oconto in 11th with 11.83 team points.

For the boys, Oconto Falls took 2nd with 139 points, not far behind 1st place Kewaunee’s total of 153. Coleman was 3rd with 119, Marinette 4th with 85, Lena/STAA 7th with 38 and Oconto in 9th with 13 points.

Podium finishers for our area athletes were:


100-meters: Rylie Shallow (Oconto Falls) 2nd 13.34; Gracie Miller (Oconto Falls) 3rd 13.72

200-meters: Rylie Shallow (Oconto Falls) 1st 27.97

400-meters: Brynn Hodkiewicz (Oconto Falls) 3rd 1:09.41

800-meters: Brooke Hodkiewicz (Oconto Falls) 2nd 2:36.46

1600-meters: Brooke Hodkiewicz (Oconto Falls) 1st 2:52.91; Hannah Ludemann (Oconto Falls) 2nd 6:12.34; Anna Marzahl (Marinette) 3rd 6:14.84

3200-meters: Hailey Delzer (Oconto Falls) 1st 12:34.63; Emma Meissner (Oconto Falls) 2nd 12:36; Addison Lacy (Marinette) 3rd 13:03.82

100-meter hurdles: Kali Fischer (Lena/STAA) 2nd 18.33; Eva Brooks (Lena/STAA) 3rd 18.70

300-meter hurdles: Kali Fischer (Lena/STAA) 2nd 53.72; Josie Saari (Oconto Falls) 54.70

4x100 relay: Anna Spaulding, Abby Budz, Gracie Miller, Rylie Shallow (Oconto Falls) 1st 52.08; Ella Van Ermen, Vivian Kostreva, Kendal Truckey, Lupita Cantu (Coleman) 3rd 55.60

4x200 relay: Hailyn St. Louis, Bailee Gorman, Kati Raddatz, Ashlyn Vandermoss (Oconto Falls) 2nd 1:54.26

4x400 relay: Brynn Hodkiewicz, Hannah Ludemann, Ava Hodkiewicz, Brooke Hodkiewicz (Oconto Falls) 2nd 4:33.21

4x800 relay: Maddy Przybylski, Brynn Hodkiewicz, Hailey Delzer, Ava Hodkiewicz (Oconto Falls) 1st 10:49.30; Anna Marzahl, Addison Lacy, Madison Kunick, Lauren Sadowski (Marinette) 2nd 11:09.62

Shot put: Grace Molitor (Oconto Falls) 3rd 29’ 08.00

Discus: Kiersten Jensen (Coleman) 1st 134’ 01

High jump: Eva Brooks (Lena/STAA) 1st 5’ 06.00; Vivian Kostreva (Coleman) 2nd 5’ 00.00; Anna Marzahl (Marinette) 3rd 4’ 06.00

Pole Vault: Kendal Truckey (Coleman) 3rd 8’ 00.00

Long jump: Alabama Lambert (Lena/STAA) 1st 15’ 03.50; Gracie Miller (Oconto Falls) 3rd 14’ 05.00

Triple jump: Kali Fischer (Lena/STAA) 2nd 31’ 06.00; Della Kostreva (Lena/STAA) 3rd 31’ 05.00


100-meters: Dawson Patz (Coleman) 1st 11.72; Conner Wilquet (Oconto Falls) 2nd 11.79; Kaiden Brown (Marinette) 3rd 11,97

200-meters: Isaac Bramer (Oconto Falls) 1st 23.76; Micah Kuchta (Coleman) 2nd 24.20; Dawson Patz (Coleman) 3rd 24.47

400-meters: Mason Hofherr (Marinette) 1st 53.94; Brant Laluzerne (Oconto Falls) 2nd 56.10

800-meters: Jackson Draheim (Marinette) 2nd 2:12.90; Emerson Rice (Oconto Falls) 3rd 2:13.01

1600-meters: Griffin Kopke (Oconto Falls) 2nd 4:59.10

3200-meters: Griffin Kopke (Oconto Falls) 3rd 10:58.98

110-meter hurdles: Victor Kostreva (Coleman) 1st 15.82; Zander Thomson (Lena/STAA) 2nd 16.60; Alex Haines (Oconto Falls)

300-meter hurdles: Victor Kostreva (Coleman) 1st 40.47; Kolton Peters (Coleman) 2nd 43.23; Zander Thomson (Lena/STAA) 3rd 44.71

4x100 relay: Brady Bursa, Isaac Bramer, Evan Yuma, Conner Wilquet (Oconto Falls) 1st 44.95; Micah Kuchta, Darian Patz, Dawson Patz, Kolton Peters (Coleman) 2nd 45.46

4x200 relay: Brady Bursa, Isaac Bramer, Evan Yuma, Conner Wilquet (Oconto Falls) 1st 1:34.31; Jackson Draheim, Luke Adams, Braxton Polzin, Mason Hofherr (Marinette) 2nd 1:34.77

4x400 relay: Brant Laluzerne, Croix Gardebrecht, Carter Hill, Emerson Rice (Oconto Falls) 2nd 3:42.78; Nicholas Hruska, Hunter Schneider, Jackson Draheim, Kaiden Brown (Marinette) 3rd 3:46.79

4x800 relay: Brant Laluzerne, Griffin Kopke, Sage Mendolla, Emerson Rice (Oconto Falls) 1st 9:06.87

Shot put: Caden Genrich (Marinette) 2nd 46’ 11.00; Bryce Schefdore (Oconto Falls) 3rd 45’ 04.25

Discus: Caden Genrich (marinette) 1st 155’ 01

High jump: Garrett Kriescher (Coleman) 2nd 5’ 08.00; Alex Haines (Oconto Falls) 3rd 5’ 08.00

Pole Vault: Victor Kostreva (Coleman) 1st 11’ 06.00; Jackson Draheim (Marinette) 2nd 11’ 00.00

Triple jump: Lucas Heimke (Lena/STAA) 2nd 38’ 11.00; Brady Bursa (Oconto Falls) 3rd 38’ 04.00

Bulldogs, Tigers run at St. Norbert

DE PERE – Competing in a very crowded field of 22 teams at the St. Norbert Elite Meet on Friday, Apr. 26, the Peshtigo High boys track and field team took 3rd place with 60 points while the girls finished tied for 6th with GreenBay Southwest and Green Bay West, all with 46 team points. 

Gillett got a 19th place with five points from its boys group while the Tigers’ girls team tied for 21st with Sevastopol at six points.

Here are our local podium finishers:


110-meter hurdles: Ethan Brisette (Peshtigo) 2nd 15.15

300-meter hurdles: Ethan Brisette (Peshtigo) 1st 42.26

4x200 relay: Cody Nesberg, Madison Vorpahl, Dathen Sechen, Tristan Krejcarek (Peshtigo) 2nd 1:35.34

Pole Vault: Ethan Brisette (Peshtigo) 1st 14’ 0


800-meters: Rachel Nelson (Peshtigo) 2nd 2:29.17

1600-meters: Rachel Nelson (Peshtigo) 1st 5:28.50

2K Steeplechase: Serenity Walden (Peshtigo) 3rd 8:36.74

4x400 relay: Serenity Walden, Alaina Archambault, Jaycee Mullins, Rachel Nelson (Peshtigo) 3rd 4:30.05

Shot put: Christina Powers (Peshtigo) 37’ 0

Peshtigo, Oconto compete at Packerland event

KEWAUNEE – The Peshtigo High track and field team finished in second place on both the boys’ and girls’ sides of the card among five Packerland Conference teams competing at the Kewaunee Quad on Tuesday, Apr. 23.

The Peshtigo girls bagged 111 points, just behind Kewaunee in first with 113, while the boys scored 127, Behind the Kewaunee team’s 173. Oconto’s team’s both took fifth, the boys taking 14 points and the girls 30 points.

Here are your local podium placers:


100-meters: Jaycee Mullins (Peshtigo) 1st 14.029 

200-meters: Serenity Walden (Peshtigo) 2nd 29.575

400-meters: Serenity Walden (Peshtigo) 2nd 1:07.263

800-meters: Holly Pesch (Peshtigo) 2nd 2:52.632; Samantha McDowell (Oconto) 3rd 3:03.805

1600-meters: Rachel Nelson (Peshtigo) 1st 5:38.870; Holly Pesch (Peshtigo) 2nd 6:11.182

100-meter hurdles: Emma Raygo (Peshtigo) 1st 19,145; Myah Minarik (Oconto) 19.702

High jump: Mary Mayhew (Peshtigo) 1st 4’ 4.00; Myah Minarik (Oconto) 2nd 4’ 2.00

Pole Vault: Riley Sabel (Peshtigo) 2nd 7’ 0.0

Long jump: Jaycee Mullins (Peshtigo) 2nd 14’ 11.50; Myah Minarik (Oconto) 3rd 13:09.00

Triple jump: Alaina Archambault (Peshtigo) 1st 32’ 07.00; Sydney Cate (Peshtigo) 3rd 26’ 05.00 


100-meters: Tristan Krejcarek (Peshtigo) 2nd 11.455

200-meters: Dathen Sechen (Peshtigo) 3rd 25.339

400-meters: Cody Nesberg (Peshtigo) 1st 57.092; Andrew Halfmann (Peshtigo) 3rd 58.431

800-meters: Malakai Yakel (Peshtigo) 2nd 2:19.476

1600-meters: Malakai Yakel (Peshtigo) 2nd 4:51.536

3200-meters: Eli Berndt (Peshtigo) 2nd 11:46.047; Keelan Schmidt (Peshtigo) 3rd 12:11.606

300-meter hurdles: Ethan Brisette (Peshtigo) 1st 41.811; Nathan Kleikamp (Peshtigo) 2nd 45.488

Pole Vault: Ethan Brisette (Peshtigo) 1st 12’ 0.0; Zach Sherman (Peshtigo) 3rd 7’ 6.0

Long jump: Trenton Hartman (Oconto) 3rd 17’ 02.50

Triple jump: Cody Nesberg (Peshtigo) 2nd 38’ 0.0; Wyatt Denny (Peshtigo) 3rd 35’ 03.50

Wolverines, Northwoods Storm post strong results at Badger Invite

NIAGARA – The combined Florence/Niagara High track and field team, known as the Northwoods Storm, hosted the Niagara Badger Invite on Thursday, Apr. 25, with the girls finishing in 3rd place with 91.5 points, behind North Dickinson County in 2nd with 98 and Forest Park in 1st at 109 points. The Northwoods Storm boys took 4th behind Iron Mountain in 3rd with 107 points, Forest Park with 129 and Crivitz in 1st place overall with 190 team points. The Wolverines got a 5th place showing from their girls’ squad at 84 points, behind Stephenson in fourth with 88.

Local athletes who made it to the podium were: 


100-meters: Brayden Sellen (Crivitz) 3rd 12.2

200-meters: Truth Setner (Florence/Niagara) 2nd 24.5

400-meters: Truth Setner (Florence/Niagara) 1st 56.4; Carson Weidner (Crivitz) 2nd 58.8

800-meters: Ben Brown (Crivitz) 1st 2:19.9; Christian Anderson (Florence/Niagara)  3rd 2:24.1

1600-meters: James Caine (Crivitz) 1st 5:06.3; Ben Brown (Crivitz) 2nd 5:12.2

3200-meters: James Caine (Crivitz) 1st 10:57.7

110-meter hurdles: Kade Thoma (Crivitz) 1st 17.2

300-meter hurdles: Kallen Betka (Crivitz) 2nd 49.3 

4x100 relay: Brayden Sellen, TJ Mueller, Kade Thoma, Evan Orlando (Crivitz) 2nd 49.0

4x200 relay: Cameron Schiefelbein, Wyatt Dunkes, Dante Stachowicz, Noah Vretener (Florence/Niagara) 3rd 1:49.9

4x400 relay: Evan Orlando, Ben Brown, Kallen Betka, Carson Weidner (Crivitz) 1st 3:51.2; Dazavian Hannah, Truth Setner, Owen Dunkes, Wyatt Dunkes (Florence/Niagara) 3rd 4:01.1

4x800 relay: James Caine, Brock Banaszak, Austin Doyen, Carson Weidner (Crivitz) 2nd 10:42.3

Shot put: TJ Mueller (Crivitz) 1st 44’ 4.5

Discus: Dante Stachowicz (Florence/Niagara) 2nd 111’ 7

High jump: Cameron Schiefelbein (Florence/Niagara) 2nd 5’10

Pole Vault: Brayden Sellen (Crivitz) 1st 9’6; Kallen Betka (Crivitz) 2nd 9’0

Long jump: Kade Thoma (Crivitz) 1st 18’1

Triple jump: Dazavian Hannah (Florence/Niagara) 1st 39’ 1


100-meters: Marley Jones (Florence/Niagara) 3rd 13.7

100-meter hurdles: Kamdan Johnson (Florence/Niagara) 1st 15.8

300-meter hurdles: Kamdan Johnson (Florence/Niagara) 1st 49.3; Marley Jones (Florence/Niagara) 3rd 52.6

4x100 relay: Grace Doyen, Peyton Rehberg, Madelyn Pouwels, Kylah Betka (Crivitz) 1st 54.1

4x200 relay: Addison Rehberg, Lucy Gruszynski, Megan Pusick, Madelyn Pouwels (Crivitz) 1st 1:59.9

4x400 relay: Naomi Millan, Brynn Sullivan, Kamdan Johnson, Marley Jones (Florence/Niagara) 1st 4:43.6

4x800 relay: Saylor Anderson, Brook Walters, Delaney Donahue, Ina Holt (Florence/Niagara) 3rd 13:46.8

Shot put: Abby Langer (Crivitz) 3rd 29’ 6

High jump: Peyton Rehberg (Crivitz) 2nd 4’ 8

Pole Vault: Kylah Betka (Crivitz) 1st 9’ 6; Elizabeth Banaszak (Crivitz) 7’ 0

Triple jump: Marley Jones (Florence/Niagara) 3rd 29’ 3

Coleman boys 1st, Suring girls 2nd at Gillett/Suring Invite

SURING – At the Gillett/Suring Invite held on Tuesday, Apr. 23, the Coleman boys took first place by a wide margin with 192 points, over Bonduel in 2nd with 126.5. Suring was 3rd with 110 points, then Crivitz in 4th with 103. Lena/STAA was 5th with 71, Gillett 6th with 38 and Laona/Wabeno finished in 7th with 9.5 as a team.

For the girls, Bonduel took 1st with 161.25, followed closely by Suring with 157. Lena/STAA rounded out the top three with 126 points, followed by 70 from Gillett in 4th, then Crivitz in 5th with 68.25. The Coleman girls were 6th with 54 and Laona/Wabeno took 7th with 30.5

Top-three finishers for TimesLand athletes were as follows:


100-meters: Dawson Patz (Coleman) 1st 11.44; Darian Patz (Coleman) 2nd 11.55; Micah Kuchta (Coleman) 3rd 11.61

200-meters: Micah Kuchta (Coleman) 1st 23.52; Darian Patz (Coleman) 2nd 23.77; Dylan VanErmen (Coleman) 3rd 24.83

400-meters: Brady Gross (Coleman) 2nd 58.03; Dylan VanErmen (Coleman) 3rd 58.08

800-meters: Connor Markiewicz (Coleman) 1st 2:19.27; Jake Cornell (Suring) 2nd 2:23.80; Scott Herroux (Gillett) 3rd 2:25.35 

1600-meters: Michael Rhode (Coleman) 2nd 5:12.13; James Caine (Crivitz) 3rd 5:13.97

3200-meters: Bradyn Wendorff (Gillett) 1st 10:34.64; Michael Rhode (Coleman) 3rd 11:41.91

110-meter hurdles: Victor Kostreva (Coleman) 1st 15.64; Trent VanDenElzen (Suring) 2nd 17.42; Kade Thoma (Crivitz) 3rd 17.49

300-meter hurdles: Victor Kostreva (Coleman) 1st 40.93; Kolton Peters (Coleman) 2nd 42.81; Trent VanDenElzen (Suring) 3rd 44.61

4x100 relay: Brody MacNeil, Kade Thoma, TJ Mueller, Brayden Sellen (Crivitz) 1st 49.13; Kroix Kempka, Garret Peters, Dayne Ermis, Dyllan Flynn (Suring) 2nd 51.40

4x200 relay: Tristan Kostreva, Tyler Rennie, Garett Kriescher, West Bieber (Coleman) 2nd 1:46.14; Dyllan Flynn, Kroix Kempka, Dayne Ermis, Garret Peters (Suring) 3rd 1:47.15

4x400 relay: Garett Kriescher, Conner Markiewicz, Brady Gross, Tyler Rennie (Coleman) 3:48.67; Jake Cornell, Kroix Kempka, Gavin Staszak, Dayne Ermis (Suring) 3rd 4:06.90

4x800 relay: Scott Herroux, Nash Stage, Ben Matczak, Bradyn Wendorff (Gillett) 1st 9:12.55; James Caine, Brock Banaszak, Austin Doyen, Ben Brown (Crivitz) 3rd 10:11.08

Shot put: Anthony Seefeldt (Lena/STAA) 1st 45’ 07.00; TJ Mueller (Crivitz) 2nd 42’ 09.00

Discus: Brayden Tadisch (Coleman) 2nd 119’ 07; Trent VanDenElzen (Suring) 115’ 02

High jump: Victor Kostreva (Coleman) 1st 5’ 06.00; Garrett Kriescher (Coleman) 5’ 02.00 

Pole Vault: Victor Kostreva (Coleman) 1st 12’ 00.00; Brayden Sellen (Crivitz) 2nd 10’ 06.00; Trent VanDenElzen (Suring) 3rd 9’ 06.00

Long jump: Lucas Heimke (Lena/STAA) 18’ 05.00; Quinn Thomson (Suring) 3rd 17’ 11.00

Triple jump: Lucas Heimke (Lena/STAA) 2nd 38’ 07.00; Kolton Peters (Coleman) 3rd 36’ 09.00


100-meters: Ella Van Ermen (Coleman) 2nd 13.76; Ginger Gerndt (Suring) 3rd 13.87

200-meters: Faith Nowak (Laona/Wabeno) 2nd 28.59; Kylah Betka (Crivitz) 3rd 28.89

400-meters: Ginger Gerndt (Suring) 2nd 1:06.29; Faith Nowak (Laona/Wabeno)  3rd 1:06.91

800-meters: Hope Soper (Gillett) 1st 2:47.87; Sophie Limberg (Gillett) 2nd 2:52.18; Bunny Cramer (Suring) 3rd 2:55.34

1600-meters: Bunny Cramer (Suring) 2nd 6:14.59; Georgia Gerndt (Suring) 3rd 6:16.22

3200-meters: Georgia Gerndt (Suring) 3rd 14:15.86 

100-meter hurdles: Eva Brooks (Lena/STAA) 1st 17.27; Birdee Cramer (Suring) 2nd 18.30

300-meter hurdles: Tessa Losurdo (Suring) 1st 50.91; Kali Fischer (Lena/STAA) 2nd 53.90

4x100 relay: Grace Doyen, Peyton Rehberg, Madelyn Pouwels, Kylah Betka (Crivitz) 1st 55.45; Abby Kostreva, Alabama Lambert, Kaelyn Cook, Madilyn Thomson (Lena/STAA) 3rd 58.50

4x200 relay: Addison Rehberg, Lucy Gruszynski, Megan Pusick, Madelyn Pouwels (Crivitz) 2nd 2:02.70; Abby Kostreva, Kaelyn Cook, Alabama Lambert, Madilyn Thomson (Lena/STAA) 3rd 2:04.24

4x400 relay: Morgan Suring, Lexi Remic, Tessa Losurdo, Bunny Cramer (Suring) 1st 4:42.80; Hailey Bullock, Mia Soper, Maggie Kaczmarek, Hope Soper (Gillett) 2nd 4:43.29

4x800 relay: Ane Iglasies, Allyson Seibert, Natalie Seibert, Morgan Suring (Suring) 2nd 12:15.98; Miriam Alberts, Kali Fischer, Sophia Pirlot, Alexis Maloney (Lena/STAA) 3rd 12:29.33

Shot put:  Kiersten Jensen (Coleman) 1st 30’ 11.00; Audrey Pate (Gillett) 3rd 30’ 04.00

Discus: Kiersten Jensen (Coleman) 122’ 00; Chloe Schroeder (Suring) 2nd 86’ 03; Grace Dama (Crivitz) 3rd 84’09

High jump: Eva Brooks (Lena/STAA) 1st 5’ 05.00; Vivian Kostreva (Coleman) 2nd 5’ 00.00

Pole Vault: Kylah Betka (Crivitz) 1st 9’ 00.00; Ginger Gerndt (Suring) 2nd 7’ 06.00; Elizabeth Banaszak (Crivitz) 3rd 7’ 00.00

Long jump: Alabama Lambert (Lena/STAA) 1st 14’ 11.50

Triple jump: Eva Brooks (Lena/STAA) 2nd 31’07.00; Hope Soper (Gillett) 3rd 30’ 08.00


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