Talents or labor of love - Joyce Bedora

Talents or labor of love

Have you looked at others talents, 
And admired their abilities?
And often wondered Lord, 
Why couldn’t that be me?

But God sees things so differently, 
For he looks within the heart. 
He knows the secret things you do. 
That are such a vital part. 

He sees the endless meals you cook. 
The cheerful way you clean your home.
The way you cuddle and council you child. 
So they don’t feel alone. 

And dad, God sees how unselfishly 
You toil from morn till night,
Providing for your family,
And teaching them wrong from right.

And then God see’s the searching heart, 
Who spends time in his dear word. 
Trying to live a Godly life, 
Before those who haven’t heard. 

And then God see’s the true warrior, 
Who spends much time in prayer, 
praying and interceding,
A talent so precious and rare.

Now these are just a few talents,
We all can possess a few, 

But how we use these talents, 
Is completely up to you.

Joyce Bedora
Formerly Peshtigo, Presently Hobart


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