Sara Pullen Again Named Near North Court Secretary

The Near North Joint Municipal Court Committee held its annual meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, May 8 at the Town of Stephenson Municipal Building on County X at Twin Bridge.

Near North Joint Municipal Court serves the towns of Stephenson, Silver Cliff, Middle Inlet and Lake and the Village of Wausaukee. Present for the meeting were appointed representatives Town Chair Mike Kudick and Clerk Elaine Olson for the Town of Stephenson, Town Chair Bruce Weber and Road Crew Foreman Cory Gagne for the Town of Silver Cliff, and Trustee Mack McKim and Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator Sara Pullen for the Village of Wausaukee, plus Judge Catherine Stichmann and Michelle Kempka, Clerk of Municipal Court.  No representatives attended for the Towns of Lake and Middle Inlet.

By unanimous vote, the municipal representatives present agreed to appoint Pullen as the Municipal Court Committee Secretary, and approved contracting with “AllPaid” for credit card processing software.

Kempka stated that new bond books have been issued to each municipality. She said citations have often been missing key information, and reiterated the importance of including social security or driver’s license numbers on each citation.  She stated that without that information citations cannot be processed through the State Debt Collection (SDC) System.

Kempka also asked for updates on water patrol officers.  She stated that signatures can be difficult to read and suggested that the officers should print their name before signing citations to clear up any confusion.

Purchase of new citation books was discussed, as was amending the existing ones, but no action was taken.  Kempka stated that due to a printing error in the bond books a “zero” (0) is missing from the physical address of the Stephenson Town Hall.  The committee agreed that the correct address can easily be filled in on each citation as it is issued, so reprinting isn’t necessary.

Kempka told the committee that her contact lists were out of date and requested updates from each municipality.  Pullen suggested contacting Marinette County, as they update their listings after each election.  The Silver Cliff representatives provided their current elected official and staff listings, and Wausaukee confirmed that there were no changes to report for the village.


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