Porterfield Town Board Looking for Volunteers

It was noted at the Porterfield Town Board meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 14 that the town is still looking for volunteers to head up and work on the Cemetery Committee.  An invitation was extended for anyone wanting more information to contact Clerk Amy Linstad at 715-789-2044 or email an inquiry to “clerk@townofporterfield.wi.gov.”.
Town Chair Dennis Bergeson called the monthly board meeting to order at 6 p.m., with six members of the public present, along with town officials that included Bergeson, Supervisors Audrey Guseck and Don Limberg, Treasurer Wendell Phillips and Deputy Clerk Sue Beyer.
Philipps reported the town’s total cash on hand as of Wednesday, Aug. 31 was $330,254.24.
There were no speakers from the public during time for Open Floor discussion.
Road Report included that Peters Road and River Drive have been paved and shouldered; Sequin Road has not been graveled, graded or paved at this time, and Winesville Road was to be scarified and graveled during the week on Sept. 19.
No one from the Fire Commission, Cemetery Committee or Recycling/Solid Waste was present for the meeting so there were no reports.
Building Permits were up to date.
The next meeting is to be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 12 at the Town Hall.


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