Police Chief Fred Popp Addresses Vandalism

I understand there is some frustration and disappointment with what happened to  the Badger Park restrooms in Peshtigo over Mother's Day Weekend.  This is completely understandable and understood.  Let me assure you I and our Police Dept shared those same reactions when brought to our attention. Our Mayor took this complaint very seriously and immediately notified the on duty Officer working as well as myself. Our Parks Director was not amused either.  This park is part of the pride shown in the Peshtigo community.  Alot of work went into this park as continues to be shown to keep this park in the excellent condition it is in. Vandalizing those restrooms will never be tolerated. It affects those who use the restrooms and those who have to clean up the mess left behind.  I want to hopefully address everyone 's concerns reading this by informing you that the juveniles responsible for this  act were apprehended this past Monday by this Department.  We investigated this incident properly following evidence we knew including the surveillance cameras.  Footage was obtained from cameras that are running 24/7 at this park. Once the juveniles were identified we then  interviewed them. This  subsequently resulted in confessions from both. I then reached out to the parents who were naturally disappointed in hearing about this but were very cooperative. I believe both juveniles and parents will continue to cooperate with appropriate consequences that will follow.  I want to thank the school that assisted our agency with this investigation.  We take pride in this community and try to work with everyone. I'm happy to say this investigation is concluded.  Thank you.


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