Petition Presented For Lakeside Lane Paving

There were several persons present to speak on the paving of Lakeside Lane.  They also presented a petition for the Town to pave Lakeside Lane.  After much discussion, the petitioners were told their request would be taken to committee for consideration and price investigation.  The road would need to be brought up to town specs before it can be paved.

Under Public Comments later in the meeting, the spokesman for the Lakeside Lane request asked when they might be contacted as to a decision on paving Lakeside Lane, but at this point a definitive answer was not possible.

There was also a complaint about a garbage mess on a property on Molly Four Road.  The complainant said there have been complaints filed on it in the past and nothing has been done, and added it is creating an awful stench with the warm weather and is also drawing many unwanted animals. 

Present for the meeting were supervisors Supervisors Richard Belanger, Jeff Franzmeier, Andrew Rogers and Jim Stradal, Treasurer Shari Uhazie, and Clerk Elaine Olson, along with 21 others.  Town Chair Mike Kudick was excused, and Rogers     chaired the meeting.

Supervisors agreed that some of the “No Parking” signs on Karen Drive will be moved to insure that property owners have access to their property.

Discussion on a presented Breech of Tennant Agreement, accompanied by a request for revocation of a liquor license and granting of a new one resulted in scheduling a special meeting to grant a liquor license, with the request to  be referred to Attorney Kim Coggins when he returns from vacation. Board members agreed they could take action on any of the requests as it is a civil matter on which they need direction on from Coggins.

The special meeting was later scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 25. At that meeting the board will consider applications for a Class B liquor and Beer license for Coyotes Den LLC, W12882 Parkway Road, Athelstane, for June 1 through June 30 of 2023 and approval of Benjamin Konitzer, of 3918 Maple St., Wabeno, as Agent for Coyotes Den LLC.)

There were two bids for diesel fuel and one for gasoline.  After review a motion to accept the bid from Yeager Oil was approved. The bid becomes effective immediately.

The Intergovernmental Agreement among the Town of Stephenson, the Village of Crivitz and the Town of Lake for operation of the recycling center in Crivitz was approved.

Operator’s licenses were approved for Todd Arcand, Daniel Cassity, Kelly Howler, Brenda Maus, Jared Nejedlo, Jennifer Newman, Lori Ranallo, Thomas Skovera, and Margaret Winters-Kinziger, through June 30 of 2025, and Operators licenses for Rhonda Cassity, Trenie Frank, Wendy Gyger, James Johnson, Devin Montevideo. Rhonda Rhoades, Linda Schilling, Sharon Shavlik, Vickie Timm, and Jeffrey VanderMuss contingent to them giving proof to the Clerk of completion of the beverage server course and/or have paid the license fee.

Under correspondence, Clerk Olson reported the town had received a letter from the DNR showing a pending rip rap application on the shore of the Peshtigo River on Sandstone Flowage, information on a bill being proposed in the Wisconsin Legislature for supplemental municipal aids, a request for donations for the Wall That Heals that will be visiting Crivitz from June 1 through 5, and a thank you from former Treasurer Mary Jane Kempka expressing appreciation for her time as an elected official for the Town of Stephenson.

Department reports were given for the Fire Department by Chief Jim Stradal, Canine by Mike Stueck, Building Inspector by Elaine Olson for Jane Meissner, Public Works and Recycling by Superintendent of Public Works Craig Baeten, and Supervisor Rogers for Water Safety Patrol. The Code Enforcer was not present and there was no report.

Hugh Guy Land Surveying certified survey requests for Allen and Mary Noll for one lot to be located off Newton Lake Road, and from Charlotte Gruszynski to create three lots with ingress and egress via Left Foot Lake Road. Both certified survey requests were approved as presented.


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