Pete Pfankuch - Letter to Editor

Wisconsin voters need what the Nevada voters have available to them in elections. That is the “none of these candidates” option in all statewide races so voters can express dissatisfaction with their choices. “None” can’t win an elected office unfortunately but it has come in first in some contests.  In Marinette County many races might be won by “none of these candidates”.  The only way currently to show you are dissatisfied in Wisconsin is to not vote for a candidate. It seems voters are reluctant to do this to date or maybe they do not understand that they can?  Perhaps if enough voters withhold their votes the candidate will get the message?  In this state I doubt it.  In this county for sure they won’t.

I am wondering how the math works that a condemned building (the old Landmark) that may require more than $250,000 to raze would be taxed at over $4,000 per year? Getting any grants to help with the costs of razing the building seem great but really means the tax payers are still paying for the razing indirectly.  Government makes no money of their own, all the grant money comes from the tax payers too indirectly.

Why did the people throwing out the valuable books at UW-Green Bay’s Marinette Campus Library put them in dumpsters that were not for recycling?  Couldn’t they read?  Couldn’t they wait?  What was the big hurry?  Who is responsible? What is the true story?  Keep in mind that the building is still sitting empty and books don’t need heat, air conditioning or water. So again why the big hurry?

Now the UW system wants to hire 120 to 150 people for the UW (Madison) Campus over the next 3 to 5 years in addition to their regular hiring of an average of 130 new faculty members annually. I do not understand why they dumped all the staff from the local UW school. I doubt the students from the area will be going to UW Madison.  I’m not sure I’d feel it is wise to go to any UW in the future. What if they discontinue the major before a student is finished? I graduated many years ago from UW-Platteville. My major is no longer offered.

To the many nice people that suggested I run for office, no.  The pay stinks, they meet during the day, one person on a 30 person board has very little influence, they already have too many old people, etc.  My writing letters to you thru the editor is better for all of us. Perhaps I should write a regular column plenty of material available to use?


Pete Pfankuch
Marinette County


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