Peshtigo Riverside Cemetery making plans for Cemetery Walk

Lynette Brosig

PESHTIGO – After approval of the meeting minutes of the Jan. 29, the Peshtigo Riverside Cemetery Association opened their Monday, March 3 meeting with President Steve Walters report stating that trees were cut down in the cemetery wooded area. Clean up of the cut trees will be going on in the next few weeks.  

Lois Walters then gave her Vice President report stating that decorations in the cemetery have to be removed by Monday, April 1. 

Other committees also didn’t have much to report with the Facilities Committee stating they are still working on the details of how to move forward with the decision of either repair or replacement of the lawnmower. With the absence of Nancy Holzberger, Treasurer and member of the Forms Committee, there was nothing to report from Finance and Forms. With Secretary Amber Polzin, also being absent, there was no Public Relations report as well. There was also nothing to report from Forestry and Cremation Development. 

In Roads, Kathy Crabtree stated “If the roads were to be done this year yet, they can be done for the same price as what was quoted, otherwise the price will go up the following year.” Mayor Cathi Malke interjected saying, “I heard from a reliable source that blacktop should be going down in price this year so we might want to wait to see what the prices are.” Crabtree said, “Matt Bickel’s price was way lower than what the other bids were and he won’t go any lower because his prices were already lower than the others, plus he made a big donation to the cemetery.”   

In his Sexton report, Wes Olsen reported from Jan. 29 through March 18, there were two burials, bringing the total to four burials since Jan. 1. There was a grave sale in March resulting in only one grave sale for the 2024 year. That brings the totals to $2,550 for burials, $800 Grave Sales and $475 for a Pre-paid burial, for a total of $3,825 so far this year. 

In New Business, Joan Pace and Susan Cota were present to discuss the Cemetery Walk that will be held in this summer. Pace said, “There will be a variety of approximately five interesting true stories written by Pace or Cota about residents that are buried in the Peshtigo Riverside Cemetery.”

There was conversation by Pace and Cota about whom is going to be in charge of the event. It was mentioned “The Historical Society is a good group to talk to, with all the information they have. There are a lot of things to discuss like, who is going to be on the committee, who will be chairperson, appointing responsibilities to committee members, how are you going to publicize, what is needed and how do we keep everything cold, where do we order everything from and how much is needed of everything such as the ice cream, toppings, containers and servers, along with figuring out parking and all of the costs.” 

It was mentioned that a Sunday afternoon is a good time to hold the event. Saturdays are too busy for families to commit to. A good date might be Aug. 11 from 1-4 p.m. There will be guided tours and will be within walking distance. A committee will be formed and they will be starting to work on all the details. 

The meeting then went into closed session to discuss employment, promotion and compensation or performance evaluation data of a public employee. After the committee completed their discussion in closed session, they reconvened into open session and a motion was made to have the secretary’s pay to be $125 per month for her duties, effective April 1. 

The next meeting of the Peshtigo Riverside Cemetery will be held on Monday, May 20, at 5:30 p.m. 


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