Peshtigo Riverside Cemetery gearing up for Cemetery Walk/Ice Cream Social

Lynette Brosig

PESHTIGO – After approval of Riverside Cemetery meeting minutes of the March 18 and April 4 Special meeting, the Officers gave their reports and updates. 

In his President’s report, Steve Walters said “I received a call from Mayor Katie Berman and she stated she would like to come and listen to our meetings, mentioning to not even hesitate to call her saying she enjoyed working with all of you and hope to be more active in the future.”

Walters also added that there is a leak at the Cemetery in the middle section towards County RW. Additionally, a pipeline to the faucet that comes to the main and is all rusted out. There were no reports from Vice President and Secretary. Treasurer Nancy Holzberger added, “Logging is complete and we made $9,981 from the trees. Holzberger then added that they are all logged off. 

In Committee reports, it was reported that the Cemetery now has a Porta Potty and a new Water line. The mower is at Arlos and should be ready soon. It was determined the Toro engine is shot and a new engine would be $1,700. It was decided to follow their procedures and put an ad out for bids for the lawnmower for $500 OBO. 

Sexton Wes Olson reported there were 18 total burials with three of them being full burials and 15 Cremations since last month’s meeting.

The two main cemetery projects are still roads and the waterline. Another project they are working on is a donation form that people can fill out with some personal information and what the donation is for. The form will be online along with a QR Code on the form. In other news of donations, the Lions Club called the Cemetery and wanted to make a donation of $500. 

In Public Relations, the committee is working on the Cemetery Walk and helping to coordinate everything. It was also discussed that the Jail System is still in effect and will be trying to secure some inmates to help at the cemetery. As always there are many projects that still need to be done, including brush cleanup and weed whacking.

The main topic of discussion was the Cemetery Walk, trying to break it down by responsibilities. They will be having high School students to help with the Ice Cream Social, build sub-committees and coordinate food; ice cream and more. There is still a lot of collaboration to be done for the Ice Cream Social, including securing student assistance and review websites for any fundraising opportunities.

Another project in the works includes changes to Rules and Regulations of which Holzberger has reviewed and some suggestions and changes has been completed.


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