Peshtigo Finance Committee discuss Police Department budget

Lynette Brosig

PESHTIGO – At the City of Peshtigo Finance and Claims meeting on Tuesday, May 21, Clerk-Treasurer Tammy Kasal advised the committee she was looking at the RLF/UDAG loan program and the savings account payments were put into. 

Kasal said, “We are not making much interest and thought it would eventually increase, but it has been sitting at 0.5%. We have about a million dollars in a CD that we can put into a CD earning 5% for nine months and the rest of the money would go into a money market at 3%. In one year that equates to $45,000. The deadline to switch is coming up soon and at the least we would even still be making 3% going forward.”

Kasal then noted that she and Peshtigo Police Chief Fred Popp had a discussion about an influx in donations for PD for Kids, Bike Rodeo, the Dare Program and National Night Out. With the Bike Rodeo Account having minimal in savings, it hasn’t been touched in several years. All other programs had taken precedent. With $900 in the account, it was decided to put the Rodeo fund on hold for a year or two and incorporate into the Bike Program and PD for Kids and then re-address in the future.

A main discussion on the agenda was to discuss the Police Department wages-budget. The Department had overtime amounting in $7,000 over budget. 

Popp said, “Maybe we will have to look back at the last three years and appropriately apply that for next year’s budget. Overtime is used mainly by the Detectives and Trainings… Last year we were over with overtime as well but we are trying to get ahead of the curve now. The overtime budget is hard to gauge. Not knowing what you may have makes difficult to control the overtime.”

Popp added, “Mike Seivert will be done at the end of June and if Cody can stay at part-time, he can then help cover some slots. We will also try to decrease the amount of trainings.” 

Alderperson Debbie Sievert asked if anyone questioned the schools to help with the cost of trainings because she was under the impression the school was interested in helping out.

Alderperson Brigitte Schmidt then commented to hold, review the hours, see what the history was in the past and then break it down.

There was also a discussion what meal allowances should be when the police department staff attend trainings. The contract is generalized and vague regarding meal allowances. 

Kasal stated, “I don’t agree with a daily allowance. If there is a free breakfast included at the Hotel or event, then they should take advantage of it because we are paying for that in the cost of the training.” After further discussions, it was decided to have an expense account per diem with employees required to take advantage of any free meals that are included in the training or event and employees must remain within the budget and with receipts submitted. 

There was an amendment to an agreement for professional services for the Landmark by Ayres Associates for Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) into the service scope. Ayres will proceed within 10 days of receipt of signed agreement. Ayres can complete the Phase 1 ESA for a lump sum fee of $2,500. It will take two or three months to get the grant to pay for this. 

The amendment would need to be approved to secure Ayres Associates for title of the property along with deed signed but not to be recorded until the assessment is completed. The assessment would be done within two weeks of signing. Ayres is under contract for $5,000 and the additional $2,500 would be paid from general funds. 

Malke stated, “We can’t approve until we have the title, then we have to apply for the grants. July and August there are no grants, but the grants will come up in 2025 for block grants. There is a rolling schedule for demolition and rebuilding that is not available until spring of 2025.”

In other matters, Malke asked Alderperson Deb Sievert, “Deb, are invoices coming in better than what they were?” Sievert answered, “No, there are some that are being paid late and some bills are old and not being turned in. We are being charged a $25/month late fee, almost up to $100 and we are now being denied the ability to charge anything at a local store.” Kasal added that they, “…cut a check last week.”

Malke commented, “If employees are not submitting bills, then that is a personnel issue.” Kasal replied, “We don’t know if it is a finance issue or a personnel issue. Late fees come out of whatever account they are purchasing for.”

During a discussion between Kasal, Sievert and Malke after the meeting, it was made clear that the bills that were not being submitted were from the Department of Public Works under the realm of Decur. 

The next Finance and Claims meeting will be held Thursday, June 20, at 2 p.m. 


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