Paul Seidl - Letter to Editor


“Popular street names include pot, grass, dope, ganja, Mary Jane, weed, hemp, smoke, jay, hashish, dagga, and sinsenilla.”*

Because of its world-wide popularity and thousands of years of use, it seems that Menominee has caved in to profiting from this menace to society.

Law & Order will be difficult to enforce-primarily to regulate said like alcohol. Hence, taxes and other fees associated with regulation will extort (contribute) billions of dollars a year to Michigan State coffers...just like California.

Never mind that those funds will be used to cover most of the municipal pension funds & benefits, pet-projects and pork programs, including the continued expansion of government (its services & welfare) and so on. Yet, the hard-working taxpayers will never see a reduction in taxes, operating costs that improve infrastructure and other priorities!

This is why our government won’t allow people to grow, buy, sell and possess cannabis (without a license). FOLLOW THE MONEY... No free-market enterprise here. Just let the public continue to get HIGH and, spend their money accordingly. Users won’t mind the government profiting some for another daily fix.

Don’t believe for a minute that your city government VOTED to allow “cannabis to be used as a treatment for nausea, vomiting, anorexia, and weight loss in cancer and AIDS victims,”* Yes, “it can be used to decrease glaucoma, a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball causing gradual loss of sight.”*

No, this produce was sanctioned for MONETARY GREED...thus, the few dispensing establishments, now in contention with legalities, are in jeopardy to benefit the local government treasury.

You can expect a massive increase in domestic issues, vehicle incidents, over-dose cases, and all kinds of court action from heightened police-enforcement...only to propel the need for greater sales on cannabis and, allow the government to continue getting “their share/chunk” of the profits.

Cannabis in our area is not the salvation needed. For many years, there has been a great lack of attracting major business and industry for upcoming youth and skilled workers to be gainfully employed. If not for MMC, this would be a pocket of ghost towns!

Could this be the under-lying reason why the municipal representatives voted to license the cannabis culture? So much legal-action already spells the need to oust the entire acceptance of this dilemma and reverse the decision to cater to the latest fiasco of present!  What say you? There’s way too much daily worry already about your kids, friends and relatives growing up healthy and drug-free.

Paul Seidl
Menominee, MI

* Fact-O-Pedia (Charlotte Lowe)


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