Noppenberg Announces Candidacy

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Noppenberg Announces Candidacy

Peter Noppenberg announces that he is running for City of Marinette Ward 6 Alderperson in the April 2nd election. As a resident, homeowner, and voter in Ward 6 for the past 33 years, the candidate said he has been listening to residents and is ready to tackle their concerns on the City Council.

“Ward 6 has some of the worst streets in Marinette, especially Sherman, Thomas, Blaine and Pierce Ave.,” Noppenberg stated. “I will work tirelessly to make these streets a priority which unfortunately has been ignored over the last four budget cycles.”

As the most densely populated ward in the city, he said his neighbors are concerned about lack of green space in Ward 6. “The only park in Ward 6 is the abandoned tennis courts on Division street.” He explained. “I would like to work with local residents to determine the best way to improve the park for the benefit of the neighborhood and the city.”

He also states; “I will support our local police department as I did as Municipal Judge, and Direct needed resources into our drug enforcement efforts.” Noppenberg has a history of active community service in Marinette. The candidate served Ward 6 of the City Council for four years. During his tenure the new REC Center was built, Pierce Ave. was reconstructed by the high school, and money was set aside for new playground equipment at Higley Field. 

Noppenberg was elected as municipal court judge in 2020 and served three years in that position. “My staff worked hard to save taxpayer money, curb expenses, and networked with City departments to make the municipal court an effective arm of code enforcement.”

Noppenberg earned a four year degree from Northern Michigan University (NMU). He worked at large government contractors in Arizona finishing his career at Marinette Marine. 

Peter Noppenberg promises to listen to all constituents’ opinions and concerns with respect. You can expect to get a visit from him as he canvases the neighborhood. He also welcomes any questions or concerns at (715)587-1337. 

Noppenberg will also be on the April 2nd ballots as an unopposed candidate for Marinette County board of supervisors in District 28. 


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