The New Veterans Memorial in Beaver

BEAVER – The project took more than a year, but the new Veterans Memorial in Beaver is now complete.  The work started in March 2023 when members of Crivitz Memorial VFW Post 2063 inspected the existing structure and determined that repainting it again wasn’t going to extend the life.  The wood was rotting and wouldn’t hold the paint and the foundation was also deteriorating.  So, with project manager Lenny Peterson in charge, the work to replace it began.  

Lumber for the new memorial came from Holtger Brothers of Klondike in the form of old telephone poles.  Milling the poles to create lumber of the proper dimensions was done by Risner Saw Mill in Pound and the paint was supplied by Tom Kelsey of Kelsey Coatings in Green Bay.  After the base was set in concrete, the upper structure was attached.  A new solar-powered light was installed to illuminate the American Flag flying above the memorial.  The post would like to thank the crew of Lenny Peterson, Carl Gumz, Bob Ugowski, Bill Oney, Terry Eland, Jeff Poh, Ed Drouse and Dave Tarmann for their work on the project.  


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