Natalie Lashmet - Letter to Editor


Regular people like us HAVE stopped proposed sulfide mining projects: Exxon’s Crandon, Wisconsin mine 20 years ago, Aquila’s “Back Forty” two years ago, and now Green Light Metals  from exploratory drilling at the proposed “Bend” and “Reef” WI sites! Unfortunately, Aquila’s assets transferred to “Gold Resources, Inc.” (“GORO”) Now, GORO threatens to start their mine permitting process here.

 YES WE CAN stop this threat again! The time is now.  Why right now? Michigan’s House & Senate are NOW considering six “Polluter Pays” bills.  If enacted, these would hold the polluter responsible to pay for full clean up, not just clean the surface & grass seed over it.  Why shouldn’t they pay for their own pollution? They financially benefit by mining, then we are left with forever-pollution, and we have to pay to clean it up? No way! When having to pay to clean up their pollution is the law, it won’t be profitable for them to mine here.  They KNOW 100% of mines in Massive Sulfide ore pollute massively. They’ll go away!

YES do it, today, before this Congressional session ends! Either:

1-Call both our MI House Representative David Prestin (517) 373-0156. 

And MI Senator Ed McBroom (517) 373-7840 or Toll Free: (855) 347-8038, (If you don’t want to speak to anyone, just call after hours and leave the message. Leave your name & local address, and ask them to pass all 6 of these Polluter Pays bills for us.)

2-Or click on this link, (maybe in the online version) fill out your information, & tap “send” at the bottom: e997de94-0975-eeaa-b004- 00224832eb73&ceid= 1323007.

We have the chance to SAVE ourselves right now!  It’s quick & easy. YOU can do it, and YOU will be part of one of the best things our community has done for our community, and for those without voices or votes: our children, the fish, the trees, the birds, the soil & our water!

Thank YOU, for taking this quick, easy action to Save our Menominee River!

Natalie Lashmet, 


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