Mike Van Den Elzen - Letter to Editor

This week I emailed a letter to School board President David Lally requesting that the board take action to approve a Grandfather Clause recommended by the WIAA and endorsed by Dr. John Rabe. This clause would allow my son Trent to finish his athletic career as a dual sport athlete.  Dr. Rabe who has been involved in Suring athletics for over 75 years.  Dr. Rabe is a former athletic director at Suring and is the second inductee into their Student Hall of Fame.  He is a former Professor of Health , Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.  Professor Rabe feels that once an athlete was able to start an activity they should be allowed to finish what they have started.  If this was a pilot program the athlete should be able to complete if they follow guidelines and have the desire to finish.

I’m asking the school board to take wise counsel of a loyal Suring Eagle Dr. Rabe and the Grandfather clause recommended by the WIAA.  The WIAA recommended the clause based on 1. Past precedent other Suring Athletes have done 2. Academically Qualified  3. Trent has successfully done for the past 2 years without incident 4. It is done throughout the State of Wisconsin 5. M&O conference allows 6. WIAA allows

I ask how many people have had something taken away from you based on nothing you have done and how did it make you feel?  People believe it or not have called me selfish for wanting my son to be able to be the best he can be.  The current Superintendent at Suring Public School told me by phone in March of this year that if Trent was younger he would have recommended for Trent to open enroll to a district that allowed for dual sports.  Believe it or not people have suggested this option for years but Trent is loyal to his school and would never open enroll.  Also I have no desire to run my kid all around for something he can do in my own district.

This doesn’t need to be put on the school board agenda all it takes is for a member to make a motion for Trent to be able to finish and it is over.

Mike Van Den Elzen,



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