MaryBeth Ascher - Letter to Editor

I am writing to share why I think Janet Protasiewicz should be elected to serve a 10-year term on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. 

Janet was educated in Wisconsin, has amassed a wealth of judicial experience in Milwaukee, and has a proven record of being fair and non-partisan in her rulings. She has stated her beliefs that the current legislative maps are gerrymandered and has also affirmed her view that a woman has a right to choose. Those beliefs are not outside a reasonable interpretation of Wisconsin law.

However, her opponent Dan Kelly’s view that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump has been adjudicated to be outside the laws of several states including Wisconsin. Yet former Judge Kelly has not denied his view of the stolen election. In fact, since he left the Supreme Court after losing to Jill Karofsky in 2020, he has been paid by the Wisconsin Republican Party as a consultant who helped strategize the disenfranchisement of some 20,000 voters who supported Joe Biden in 2020.

Janet Protasiewicz has raised money in Wisconsin to support her bid. Dan Kelly is supported by Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein, who have business interests in Wisconsin but actually live in Illinois. 

When I compare the two candidates, I find that Janet is more like us ordinary people from Northern Wisconsin, and thus more likely to represent my views on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. I’m voting for Janet and I hope you will too.

MaryBeth Ascher
Suring, WI




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