Maroons fall to Eagles in four sets

The Menominee Maroons played some of their best volleyball of the season in set two of Tuesday’s loss to Stephenson but they were beaten in four sets in their penultimate game of the regular season.

After a 25-21 win by the Eagles in set one, the Maroons took set two 25-14 before a 25-17 loss in game three at a 25-14 defeat in the fourth set.

“It was good. I’ve seen them play at that level. I’ve seen them play even a step above that before,” Menominee coach Sarah Betzinger said of the second-set win.

Stephenson finished the regular season with just four losses. Betzinger said she felt it was a good matchup between two nearby schools, also speaking about the style of play that both teams played on Tuesday.

“It was a good match. It really was. I’m glad for that, because it’s always nice to have a close team,” she said. “It was definitely a short game tonight, a lot of net play, not so much deep. The few that either one of us sent deep were hitting the floor. It was definitely a short ball game tonight.”


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