Marinette’s Chloe Seymour is NEC P.O.Y

Josh Staloch, Mike Wieting

The NEC All Conference selections have been made and Marinette’s Chloe Seymour has been billed as the conference’s top athlete. Seymour was undeniably one of the best players this season on the courts of the NEC, helping to lead the 16-2 Marines to their first ever NEC Conference championship. 

Chloe Seymour, Junior: First Team (Unanimous) and Player of the Year.

Seymour was selected to 1st Team All Defense & was named Player of the Year. She averaged 9.3 points per game (13th in conference), 4.5 rebounds per game (17th), 3.2 assists per game (1st), 5.5 steals per game (2nd).

“A difference maker on both ends of the court. Her leadership and impact on the game is undeniable. She really expanded her game which allowed her to be the best player on the court,” said Marinette head coach Zak Barker

Riley Kieffer, Junior: First Team (Unanimous). 

Kieffer averaged 13.9 points (2nd), 4.2 rebounds (22nd) and 2.5 steals per game (7th).

“One of the top 3 point shooters in the conference. Her ability to stretch the defense was a key factor in us winning games. She stepped up on the defensive end and often rebounded when we needed it most.” - Coach Barker

Olivia Hanson, Junior: Second Team. 

Hanson finished the year as the conference’s top shot blocker with a 1.4 block-per-game average. She averaged 7.3 points per game (24th), 6.3 rebounds per game (3rd) and 2.5 assists per game (6th).

“A complete player that led our team in minutes played this season.  She was ultimately the most important player as she was our only player that played inside.  Her footwork in the post is one of the best in conference.” - Coach Barker

Bryanna Torkko, Junior: Honorable Mention 

She averaged 3.1 assists 2nd), 2.8 steals (4th), 4.7 rebounds (14th) and 8 points per game (19th).  

“Our leader on the court. Very solid offensive and defensive player. Her court vision and ability to make plays when the game matters most is what she does best.” - Coach Barker

Kaya Bodam, Junior: Honorable Mention 

She averaged 1.9 steals (16th), 6.4 points, 2.7 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game.

“Ability to do a little bit of everything. (She) stepped up big when the game mattered most and made free throws down the stretch in both wins against Freedom.” - Coach Barker

Madison Kunick, Junior: Honorable Mention

She averaged 2.3 steals (10th), 6.9 points and 2.6 rebounds per game.

“A difference maker on both ends of the court throughout the season. (She) played top in our zone and impacted the game by causing disruption.” - Coach Barker.

Oconto Falls

Rylie Shallow, Sophomore: First Team

Finished 11th in the conference in the points-per-game category, sixth in made free throws, 5th in assists per game, and 3rd in steals per game. Some key games for Rylie included a 20-point performance vs. Wrightstown, 18 vs. Little Chute, 14 vs. FVL and 13 vs. Luxemburg-Casco.

Kathryn Raddatz, Senior: Honorable Mention

5th in made 3 pointers and 8th in rebounds per game. Some key performances for Raddatz included a huge 23-point game vs. Waupaca, 13 vs. Luxemburg-Casco and 13 vs Clintonville.

Amber Otto, Junior: Honorable Mention

Seventh in made free throws, Otto provided stability in the post on offense and defense.  Some key games for Amber are when she scored 15 vs. Wrightstown, 14 and 12 vs. Marinette.

Madeline Maloney, Junior: Honorable Mention

12th in points per game and 10th in rebounds per game. Maloney had several big games this year that assisted in the team getting a win. Some key games for Maloney include an 18-point performance vs. Waupaca, 16 vs. Little Chute, 16 vs. Clintonville, 15 vs. FVL and 14 v.s Freedom.

North Eastern

Girl’s Basketball

All-Conference 2023-24

1st Team

Chloe Seymour*-Marinette-Junior, Ella Verbeten*-Wrightstown-Sophomore, Riley Kieffer*-Marinette-Junior, Natalie Sunita-Clintonville-Senior, Kiarrah Micolikchek-Denmark-Sophomore, Rylie Shallow-Oconto Falls-Sophomore, Haley Reed-Freedom-Junior. *Unanimous

North Eastern Conference

Player of the Year

Chloe Seymour-Marinette-Junior

2nd Team

Lauren Movrich-Fox Valley Lutheran-Senior, Gracie Martzahl-Freedom-Junior, Brianna Bray-Luxemburg-Casco-Sophomore, Olivia Hanson-Marinette-Junior, Hailey Bechard-Waupaca-Sophomore, Mallory Colwell-Wrightstown-Junior


All-Conference Team

Paige Selner-Denmark-Sophomore, Avery Lang-Freedom-Junior, Chloe Seymour-Marinette-Junior, Rylie Shallow-Oconto Falls-Sophomore, Ella Verbeten-Wrightstown-Sophomore

Honorable Mention

Allie Van Vonderen-Denmark-Freshman, Paige Selner-Denmark-Sophomore, Amelia Van Noie-Denmark-Junior, Alaina Krueger-Fox Valley Lutheran-Seniore, Abbie Cropsey-Freedom-Junior, Jaydah Bork-Freedom-Sophomore, Erin Cherovsky-Luxemburg-Casco-Junior, Bryanna Torkko-Marinette-Junior, Kaya Bodam-Marinette-Junior, Madison Kunick-Marinette-Junior, Kathryn Raddatz-Oconto Falls-Senior, Madeline Maloney-Oconto Falls-Junior, Amber Otto-Oconto Falls-Junior, Rossalyn Wehmeyer-Waupaca, Junior, Macie Studzinski-Waupaca-Senior, Aba Widdel-Waupaca-Sophomore, Ella Fandrey-Wrightstown-Junior, Kaia Leick –Wrightstown-Junior


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