Kathy Korchak - Letter to Editor

I would like to take this time to send out a big thank you to Marinette Alderpersons Liz Mikutowski and Doug Oitzinger for helping to make the Red Arrow Park area a safer place.  Both of these city council members went out of their way to push for more lighting and signage in the area.  Even though Menekaunee is not in their districts, this shows that they care about the whole community. 
They were the only two council members that voted to keep the $157,000 in boat launch fees meant for the repairs of the docks, launches and parking lots. Instead the other members voted that the money be used for the Fleet Farm property. The Mayor states that one of his top priorities is housing but there are many more issues facing the city. How about PFAS and flooding just to name a couple.  Again, these monies could have been used at the Red Arrow Park boat launch known as the Pocket which is in dire need of repairs. There has been nothing done to the dock since 1958 when donations were made by the M&M Yacht Club for improvements.  So much for those boat launch fees going to improve our waterfront.
These two Alderpersons aren’t afraid to do the work to research important issues that need to be voted on in the best interests of the community.  They are not just yes people for the mayor or anyone else. We need  to keep Mikutowski and Oitzinger in office and vote in more people like them who will do what’s best for the whole community and aren’t just there for their own agenda.

Kathy Korchak



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