June Dairy Month spotlight - Sharing a family breakfast with Shallow Acres

Kaity Coisman

LENA – The Oconto County Friends of Agriculture have partnered with host farm Shallow Acres to present Breakfast on the Farm in Oconto County.

“Our purpose is to connect consumers and people in the community directly with the farms that are supplying them with milk and cheese and all the good dairy products that they consume. We try to do that in a really fun and educational way,” explained Oconto County Friends of Agriculture representative Kaitlyn Tesch.

The Oconto County Friends of Agriculture do the bulk of the organization for the event but ensure the host farm has input with their ideas. “They’re trying to run a business and lots of things going on. So, we always like to take into account their ideas and inputs and anything that they are really looking or feel strongly about promoting on their operation,” said Tesch. This event is much more than a breakfast but is also an opportunity for consumers to get behind the scenes with family farm Shallow Acres.

As a family farm, Shallow Acres has been growing and expanding along with their family since its purchase in 1978 as a bare plot. Since 1978 Jeff Shallow said, “There was a lot of remodeling in the beginning. Stanchions were put in, and cement was broken out to put in gutters and barn cleaner. Silos went up, and a free-stall barn was added by the mid-1980s. Additional land was purchased when the opportunities arose. Along the way, a machine shed was added, grain and protein bins and a shop shed.”

Darcy Shallow said Breakfast on the Farm was a “great opportunity to showcase the small American Family Farm.” The Shallow family of Jeff and Darlene Shallow and their children Lewis and Darcy collaborate on farm tasks and activities, which has made the job of the original owner Jeff Shallow easier. “Tasks that were done by yourself are now a lot easier when they are shared with family,” explained Jeff shallow.

Lewis and his wife Skhyler have less-than-a-year-old Della and two-year-old Thaddeus and live off the farm. Darcy still lives on the farm with her parents, Jeff and Darlene.

Darlene Shallow added, “It’s been wonderful to be able to raise a family on the farm. Eating meals together, doing activities together. Homeschooling fits right in with our farming lifestyle.”

By hosting Breakfast on the Farm in Oconto they can showcase how they operate with success. Lewis Shallow stated, “That small family farms can still be successful in today’s changing agricultural landscape,” about what he would like to portray to visitors during the event. June Dairy month does not change the operations around the farm, but Lewis stated, “However, it’s great that the consumer is made aware of the work and commitment it takes to bring dairy to the table.” Lewis continued, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you have it with us!”

Breakfast on the Farm is on Sunday, June 9, from 7 a.m.-noon with activities until 1 p.m. at Shallow Acres, 4816 Molitor Rd., Lena. The menu will include scrambled eggs with cheese and ham, pancakes, sausages, yogurt, apple sauce, cheese, milk, orange juice, ice cream, coffee and water. Activities include live music, a petting zoo, a hay bale obstacle course and more.


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