Joyce Bedora - Letter to Editor

— Love is 

Love is serving God,
In your own special way, 

Doing deeds of kindness
To brighten someone’s day. 

It tells other’s that God loves them, 
And that you love them too. 

Giving them strength and courage, 
To face the things they’re going through. 

It isn’t always something large, 
That means the most to others, 

It’s a smile a hung a helping hand
It's being an extra sister or brother

So call a lonely person, 
Send a small gift, or loving card, 

Do a little something, 
That for them may be too hard. 

You’ll find that love is something 
That’s more precious each day you live, 

For you get back more blessings, 
Then you could ever give. 

Joyce Bedora
Formerly Peshtigo, presently Hobart


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