Jeff Jandrey - Letter to Editor

Is our country dominated by fear? It does seem that some pander to it. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” If you can't name the man who said that, sue your high school for reparations. I often don't agree with politicians and seldom with Democrats, but by today's standards he'd be somewhat to the right of President Trump, whom I 'd place a little left of President Reagan. So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, President Kennedy is right. John F. for those of you still wondering.

So when I see fear mentioned in regard to firearms I'll generally take notice to see if any reasonable solutions are offered. I too am greatly concerned over issues involving the improper use of a firearm. As concerned as I am of the misuse of vehicles, aircraft or for that matter, any tool or substance that could be used to do harm. So, what is it about the gun? Sensationalized by Hollywood, and media as the definitive solution to conflict, it's just a tool, judged for good or ill by it's usage. Careless and unsafe usage may cause harm or death. Keep out of reach of children.

A gun, if used with bad intent, can do great harm, though mass casualties can be achieved by other means. There is no acceptable limit. One could argue the death of one person can weigh as heavily as the deaths of thousands. So is bad intent with a gun any worse than that with a hammer? It's the hand that wields it. And where does that come from?

Those intent to do harm will find a way, we've already seen that and it's not that laws have much effect on the lawless. What's in the head is more of concern than what's in the hand. Perhaps the proper application of other tools such as education and law enforcement would be more effective deterrents. Also tools that also have been abused and misapplied.

Fear is a very effective tool, especially when coupled with lies. Both are ugly tools whose use comes at great cost. I have never seen it used with such reckless disregard as it is today by the Democrat party leadership through it's mouthpieces. Goebbels weeps in envy. And those most abused are the party's own adherents. They've been played again. All spun up by lies and fear they rant the party line, disrupting lives while play acting as warriors for social justice. Exhibiting criminal activity while crying out for justice does not ring true as their parties ruling elite have the most to fear from justice.

Jeff Jandrey,



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