Jeans for green

Since 2017, employees of The Stephenson National Bank & Trust (SNBT) have dressed down to raise money for local charities. The program is dubbed “Jeans for Green” and allows SNBT employees to wear jeans on Fridays when they make personal donations to local nonprofits in exchange. In 2022, the employees collectively raised $8,600.00 for 12 local charities throughout the region. SNBT donated funds last year and this year totalling $1,985.00 to help build and honor all the veterans from Oconto County through the Oconto County Veterans Memorial (OCVM). Pictured from left are OCVM member Pamela Dewindt, CISP Banking Office Manager Diane St. Martin and VP-Retail Market Manager Michael Ebbensgard; back row: Universal Banker Tina Hazen Universal Banker, OCVM Member Jack Martonen and OCVM Member Nancy Martonen.

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