Gerald Wrench - Letter to Editor

Americans are lucky to have Representative Gallagher leading the fight to stop the spread of China’s new world order. The newly formed House Select Committee on China – led by Wisconsin’s own, Rep. Gallagher – held its first hearing on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) threat to America recently. What was refreshing to see? Both Democrats and Republicans on the committee were concerned about the dangers of Chinese technology and CPP ideology.

The CCP has been working for years to take over America as the world’s leader in everything from manufacturing to technology. Over the course of 10 years China has been making strategic investments and rolling out initiatives that strengthen its technological capabilities – from the Energy Technology Innovation Action Plan launched in 2016 to the Made in China 2025 Plan released in 2015 and its 14th five-year plan, called the Digital Economy Development Plan, released just last year. Today, the Chinese technology plans are advancing at warp speed, a multiplier, that makes China, America’s single biggest competitor going forward.

As a veteran, I am highly concerned about China’s questionable ambitions using technology to spread its communist values via Chinese company’s data bases that report to the CCP. That’s is not who we want controlling the technological innovation revolution of the future.

In America, technology is the backbone of our national security and economic success. By leading in these next generation technologies, our tech sector is ensuring our military is using American technology to keep us safe, and supports our economy and businesses. 

We need the rest of Congress to follow Rep. Gallagher’s lead and promote policies that keep and grow American tech here. This will ensure that America is leading the world in technological innovations and setting the standards for generations to come.

Better yet, it will enable America, not the CPP, to share it’s values of freedom and democracy around the world.

Gerald Wrench,
Marinette, WI



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