A father shouldn’t have to wait

A father shouldn’t have to wait,
Until it’s father’s day. 
To be told how much we love him, 
Each and every day. 

A father shouldn’t have to wait, 
For a little thanks and praise. 
Cause Father we’re thankful for you, 
And will be all our days. 

So weire sending you a little poem, 
As just a little token. 
To tell you of the loving thoughts, 
That are so seldom spoken. 

And then we want to thank you too, 
For all the loving things you do. 
Not only on one special day,
But each day the whole year through. 

So no wishes are more loving, 
Nor no thoughts so warm and true. 
As these sent to say how very much, 
“We love and think of you.”

Joyce Bedora
Former Peshtigo, 
present Hobart resident


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