Dennis Colburn - Letter to Editor

The voters of the city and town of Peshtigo

I am writing this letter to shed some light on a candidate who is running for reelection for his spot on the Peshtigo School District school board.

Mr. Adam Burayski is a former coworker of mine. I was tasked with or co assigned with him many many times over the years so I was able to get an accurate account of who he is in his professional career. I feel that it should be known to his constituents the real person and his objectives.

I worked with Adam for 7 years and as the years went on I found him to be extremely manipulative towards myself and a few other co-workers that he got to “ follow him” him down paths of destruction. It was to the point that he caused a number of individuals to quit (including myself) because of his convoluted views and web of lies he portrayed. Early on I asked him about his ways and he said “I like to be the puppet master and stir stuff up without being seen”. I often used the term gaslighting about him in conversations about his behavior towards others making them feel like what or how they were feeling was wrong or inaccurate.

His life outside of work is portrayed very differently than his professional life and I felt it was best to let the voters know that. I am certain that he is manipulating people within the school board and the community for his own mental game. In my opinion he looks out for his own interest and not that of the community as a whole.

His physical appearance, attendance at meetings (he has missed a number of meetings according to attendance records) and his voting record should show that he has no interest in what’s best for the community as a whole. It’s just a game to him, another puppet show at the cost of our youths’ education.

Please consider this as we vote to protect our children’s education with strong morale people not “puppet masters”

Sincerely Dennis Colburn,
Town of Peshtigo resident



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