Crivitz Budget Hearing Is Wednesday, Nov. 23

Finalization of the 2023 budget is among items on the agenda for the Crivitz Village Board at its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 23. The 6 p.m. regular monthly board meeting will be preceded by public hearing on the proposed budget at 5:30 p.m.
The proposed budget provides for a tax levy of $544,112, which is up 5 percent from last year’s levy of $518,185.  The mill rate required to support this is $6.59 per $1,000 of equalized value, up slightly from $6.55 last year and $6.52 in 2020. The budget provides for increasing the amount provided for public works by 20 percent - from $198.423 budgeted for 2022 to $255,979 budgeted for 2023. The budget calls for a $150,000 loan to provide a portion of the funds for 2023.
Other agenda items for the monthly board meeting include discussion and possible action on an Income Continuation Insurance Resolution , Operation Bandshell, a Vibrant Spaces Resolution, and a Wine Walk Street Use Application.


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