Crivitz Board May Change Highway Zoning Ordinance

Crivitz Village Board has a busy schedule planned for its regular monthly meeting starting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 22.

Among items scheduled for board discussion and/or action in addition to routine monthly business are amendments to ordinances governing highway zoning and food trucks, termination of the TIF district, an alcohol license for Family Dollar, fire chief conference, water tower shop repairs, Playscape improvements, a request from the Freemasons to pave the alley near their building, a possible traffic light or flashing warning lights at Louisa and Rosa Streets, hall and bench flowers, and a new police patrol officer and new assistant police chief.

The proposed change to the Food Truck ordinance would include offering licenses for $50 per month or $100 from Memorial Day to Labor Day instead of the present fee of $300 for a 6 month license or $500 for the year.

At their March 8 meeting, members of the Operations Committee were informed that Alan Leiser's last day with the village Police Department would be Monday, March 20. A hiring process had been done and there was reportedly one good candidate to fill the full  time position. The board will be asked to consider making  Shawn Veriha Assistant Police chief.

The agenda items were discussed at in some detail at meetings of the Administration and Development and Operations committees at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. respectively on Wednesday, March 8, in preparation for action by the full board.

Attending the Operations Committee meeting were Trustees Stew Swanson, Greg Gocht and Chair Jeff Dorschner, all committee members, along with Trustee Ross Behrendt, Village President Amy Grandaw, Clerk/Treasurer Kaitlin Deschane, Police Chief Troy Ugoretz, Fire Chief Jeff Bonikowske, Public works Superintendent Alex Zielinski, Sewer Superintendent Glen Franzen, and members of the public including Dave Malke, Diane Franzen, Angie and Shannon Crocker, Dick Zahorik, members of Crivitz Lions Club, Hugh Guy, Don Van, Bob Hoyer, Paul Matty and Mr. Parks.

Discussion included what the Lions Club members would like to see done with Don Brooks Park. They plan to paint their building in spring, and saw parking as the biggest issue for the village. Lions Club suggestions included building a permanent rest room, adding more picnic tables with shelters, adding playground equipment, and marking a crosswalk with flashing yellow lights to Don Brooks Park and boat launch from the new parking lot on the other side of County W. The Fire Department is looking at placing a launch on the parking lot side of the road in case of emergency.

There was discussion on a resolution for a STARS Grant that may be done in cooperation with Crivitz School District. Franzen is waiting for wording of a resolution from the DOT.

The board is expected to approve contracting with DW3 Construction for not more than $30,000 to do repairs to the roof and replace drywall at the Water Tower Shop.

New playground equipment is to be installed at Playscape at the beginning of May. Amanda and Justin Popp of Mohawk Resort are willing to take down and remove the old facilities. There was discussion that the village will remove it over two summers, and the fence will need to be removed no matter what. Village Attorney Frank Calvert will be asked to write up a contract to protect the village from liability.

In regard to signage on Henriette, the village received a letter from Shannon Crocker, owner of Briars & Brambles, in opposition to suggestions to prohibit parking along the street there. It was said half the problem is trucks and cars speeding through from the highway. Suggestions included extending  the yellow line, adding flashing crosswalk and other caution signs, and possibly reaching out to Marinette County about changing the speed limit.

The Freemasons would like to pave a portion of the alley and other areas near their building east of Louisa Street to use for parking. The village would not abandon the alley, and may need an agreement so they  could reclaim it in the future.

After again discussing possible solutions to traffic issues in a very busy area on Henriette Street the committee agreed the Village Board should consider spending up to $3,000 for a flashing light at the intersection with Louisa, and perhaps up to $8,000 for flashing lights at the mid-block crosswalk on each side of Henriette. They also recommended that the board approve spending up to $3,500 for flowers (red, white and blue petunias) at the village hall and on benches in the village. This is the same price  as last year.

Engineers had met with Franzen at the Wastewater Treatment Plant to go over plans for an improvement project to be done there in 2025. Because of the village’s clean water score they could get up to $1 million dollars of debt forgiveness. More information is to be provided next month.

Administrative Committee members present for their 5 p.m. meeting were Trustees Ginger Deschane, Ross Behrendt and Michael Strandt, chair.


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