Is the country susceptible to a modern Pier Piper?

According to the Webster dictionary, the Pied Piper symbolizes one who makes strong but delusive enticements or who makes irresponsible promises. Claims from public media, political figures and ads, commentators on radio and TV are easily fact checked false using independent professional information sources for example. Such things as economic growth, wage gains, increases of the National debt over time, inflation over time, industrial growth and crime statistics are available based on credible monitoring sources on Google. There are things that are not under government control that government sources can lessen the harm to some degree such as a pandemic or creating guardrails against price gouging. There are also some things that are controlled by the free capital markets of supply and demand or panic buying such as housing cost or the price of eggs.

In these cases, it seems to me we need to address the free market cost through competition with multiple independent service and product suppliers. We saw the effects of that when the products were backlogged in our ports. Democracy requires that people support government services and both the government and the private sector work together for people living in this country to have a reasonable standard of living.

Gilbert Engel


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