Cornerstone Offers New Bible Study Starts June 7

After two years of line by line study through the book of the Gospel of Luke on Wednesdays, Cornerstone Assembly of God in Athelstane is finally moving into Dr. Luke’s second book written to the enigmatic Theophilus; the book of Acts.  This historical book about the early church in the first century A.D. picks up right where Luke’s Gospel ends, with the resurrected Jesus giving final instructions and promises to his followers before ascending into the clouds of heaven.  From there, Luke’s sequel moves right into the birth and subsequent growth of the church of Jesus Christ.  They will see how the apostles follow the example of their master in teaching from the Holy Scripture and praying and loving one another in the power of the Holy Spirit.  And all of this is done in the midst of rising persecution and inner conflicts among an imperfect membership.  The book continues with the conversion of the apostle Paul and his move from persecuting the church to planting churches and his many missionary works across the Roman world.

Cornerstone’s Pastor, Kevin Robinson, invites any and all to join him and members of his church on Wednesday evenings from 5 to 6:30 pm as they explore the culture, religions, and political intrigues of the first century and how all these Greek and Roman influences impacted the growth of the early Church and the faith of those early disciples of Jesus Christ.

Every Wednesday begins with a time of prayer, followed by an hour of study and discussion on the content of that week’s scripture.  Pastor Kevin is also preaching through Acts on Sundays, though he explains that there is a big difference between Sunday sermons and small group interaction.  The Wednesday Bible study will go much deeper and take more time allowing for questions and the comparison of other relevant passages of scripture that apply to what they are studying in Acts week to week.

Cornerstone church is located at the intersection of Highways A & C and Perch Lake Road in Athelstane.  Sunday Services are at 10 am with Sunday School at 9 am.  Wednesday Bible study is at 5 pm.  The Book of Acts study launches June 7th.


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