Connie L. Hass - Letter to Editor

Let’s just start with our TOP Chairman Jennifer Friday reported behavior regarding the TOP Board meeting Oct. 22 as reported in the Peshtigo Times Oct. 25, 2023.

Having the Constable Bob Schounard ‘monitor’ the TOP residents outside the closed session meeting is a sign of mistrust of the TOP citizens from Friday. Friday should ask herself why do my people need monitoring?

Next up...Friday is taking away the public comment because ‘This Board has work to do” is unacceptable by any stretch of the imagination. Friday and the current TOP Board works for all the residents first. We have one time each month to address issues and Friday Without Board Approval Took That Away. Friday used both the Wisconsin Town Association’s as well as the Attorney Generals conclusions to justify her action by speaking like its okay to do this because Friday says so. Friday thinks other municipalities do it so should we. Friday alone made this decision. This should have been a board approval decision. Unbelievable poor leadership again from Friday.

Apparently, Friday has decided to give raises to many employees under her watch. Even though the Town of Peshtigo is in the red $83,000. Geez that’s basic business 101...Unbelievable poor leadership by Friday again.

Friday goes on to expand her waistline of knowledge on all the “wonderful efforts” made by our PFAS contaminator Tyco. Never does Friday note the funds that are available for PFAS monitoring $1.667 million. She does throw out numbers of costs of a Utility District (that was the past boards efforts) however doesn’t respect anything over the deep well choices. Friday ran her entire campaign on the promise of “residents choice” and she has given no options besides the current offerings by Tyco deep wells.

People you need to realize this Chairperson Friday is not honest or forthcoming. Friday has promised much to get your votes and has so far delivered special meetings, quorums, no transparency, takes action without board input and is full of broken campaign promises.

This is the TOP...Town of Peshtigo.

It is NOT the TOF...Town of Friday.

Connie L. Hass

TOP resident



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