Bulldog Relay Team Overcomes Injury in Run To State

Traci Krejcarek

A last minute toss in rounded out this sprinter relay team when Ethan Brissette unfortunately/fortunately broke his arm during a high hurdle race. The team, made up of Tristan Krejcarek, Dathen Sechen, Madison Vorpahl, and now Ethan Brisette, clicked immediately!  

With only a bit of practice the end of the week prior, the very first run they competed in was at Regionals, and they completely blew us away! Not only did they walk away with a 1st place win that slotted them in to compete at Sectionals, they broke the school record at 44.31 seconds!! 

Regionals took place on Monday May 20th, with Sectionals close on it’s heals Thursday the 22nd. This only gave the boys two days to tighten up their routine. Aside from Ethan (due to his broken arm), Dathen, Tristan, and Madison qualified to compete in three additional events each...predicting a very physically taxing day at Sectionals. 

At Sectionals, the boys laid everything they had on that track! The three boys did very well all around in their other events...but it was our 4 x 100m relay team that again blew us away at how well their team works together! Not only did they come home with a 3rd place win that secured their spot to compete at state, they broke the school record, their record, again at 43.84 seconds! 

Ethan’s road to state looked totally different just a few weeks ago with his injury, thinking it wasn’t in the cards this year by not being able to compete in his favorite event his final year with graduation. But with change being inevitable and always possible, Ethan was offered the opportunity to run with the 4 x 100m relay team. And with that opportunity, Ethan helped round out the team. And with a full team running on all cylinders, they ran their way all the way to state.

So glad that Ethan was able to be a part of the team and experience State one last time!  And thank you Tristan, Dathen, and Madison for taking him with you!  The appreciation definitely goes both ways for these athletes! Each one of you played an integral part in this journey to State. Tristan, Dathen, Ethan, Madison...You are an amazing Team!!


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