Beverly Lipinski - Letter to Editor

(America is Falling Apart)

Is China trying to wage war, right now by using fentanyl as a chemical warfare agent, because the Covid they unleashed on America didn’t work the way they wanted it to?

So now they convinced the Democrat leaders and Biden to manufacture killer vaccines to get rid of more Americans and get a big kick back from the stock in drug companies so they can line their pockets at our expenses while trying to blame Donald Trump for this mess that they got themselves into. And now China is sending spy balloons over our country so they can figure out how to cripple America, and of course they will blame Trump for this action too. Why can’t we put the blame where it belongs and blame your President Biden and his puppet masters for destroying our country and putting our lives in danger.

How much more can we take before it gets too late to do anything about it. Open your eyes people, Biden had the opportunity to protect us in a simple way by bringing the balloon down, but he chose not to do that. Why? Because he wants to figure out how to blame Trump for his _ _ _ _ up. When Biden speaks to the American people which comedian is writing his speech for him, do all Democrats think that running our country in to the ground is a big joke? They must because they all watch CNN and can’t deal with real world problems, so all they do is blame Trump all the time.

And why do people believe in putting sexual transgender books in school? Is this the right thing to do? And why do stupid people call everyone Nazi’s for trying to keep this filth out of our schools, or are they all a bunch of perverts? Children should be treated like children, not like sex toys for perverts. I don’t call myself a Republican and I don’t call myself a Democrat.

I don’t call myself an Independent. I call myself a true American, with American Values.
Joe Biden called us Dredges of Society.
Obama called us Clingers.
Hillary called us Deplorables.
Terrorists call us Infidels.
Trump calls us All Americans.

So wake up people and smell the roses and get your heads out of your _ _ _. And do something about it.
And God Bless America and all the people that served our country - and lost their lives fighting for it.
Question of the Day: Is the Biden Crime Family supported by China, Russia of the Mexican Cartel family.

Women for Trump
Beverly Lipinski


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