Barbara Johnston Celebrates 108th Birthday

Barbara Johnston, who is a resident at New Care Nursing Home in Crivitz celebrated her 108th birthday on Saturday, March 4. Approximately 30 relatives and friends attended the birthday celebration. Even at 108 years old Barbara is still well enough and alert enough to enjoy birthday cake and ice cream and take time to open gifts and enjoy the flowers she received. She still talks about jogging two miles a day well into her 90’s and credits her longevity to eating a dill pickle and taking a spoon of apple cider every day. Barbara was born on March 3, 1915 and was the 10th of 12 children of Peter and Anna Kardach Meyer, she grew up on a farm and learned at an early age the importance of hard work. She instilled that work ethic into her four children, Kenneth and Donald who are now deceased and Ralph and sister Mary Ann. Pictured left to right: 85 year old Ralph Johnston, the birthday girl Barbara and Mary Ann (Johnston) Danielson who is 78. Right before the picture was take Barbara took a deep breath and blew out her candles while relatives applauded. Barbara is one of the oldest living residents in Marinette County.


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