Andrew Vitek is Operator of the Year

The City of Marinette Wastewater Plant Chief Operator Andrew Vitek was named Operator of the Year.

Andrew took on the task of rewiring 178 UV lamps that had failing wiring on the 33 year old Trojan 2000 system to keep us going until they put a new system in the near future. Andrew also was instrumental in setting up and maintaining the new Shincci Dryer and PWTech screw press. He worked on the process controls and found that the factory feed rates for the polymer for the screw press were set too high and after a lot of testing, they were able to cut costs by 50%. In May, Andrew took over as the Wastewater Chief Operator and in a short time has completed several projects.

Warren Howard, Operations Manger said about Vitek, “I am very proud of Andrew to have been selected as the LMD Operator of the year. He is a hard worker who is always willing to take on the tough projects and is always looking at finding ways to make the Wastewater plant run more efficiently. What makes him such a good operator is his passion for the job, attention to details and his willingness to learn. Andrew is an asset to the City of Marinette and we are lucky to have him on our crew.

Andrew is married to his wife, Jenny, and has two daughters, Charlotte and Hadley.

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